Cloud Computing concepts

Cloud Computing concepts


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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a on delivery of computing services, There are various services which comes under cloud computing some of the examples are servers,networking,applications,analytics,storage,etc.The main advantage of Cloud Computing are its faster,flexibility ,scalability,resource efficiency.

Some benefits of cloud computing -

  • Speed - Cloud Computing services are provided as on demand services , so if you need any computing service it is provided within couple of minutes.

  • Scalable - One of the major benefits of cloud computing is its elasticity. The services are scalable to global level most of the cloud computing services are available everywhere around the world so if your product has a high demand from a particular area you can scale your services in the area with the help of cloud computing.

  • Cost Reduction - The Cloud services offers pay as you go service which means you only pay for the services you use for the time, which helps in cost reduction.

  • Productivity - One of the major disadvantages of the traditional IT service model is maintaining our own data centers and it also occupies space but with cloud computing the the servers are being maintained by the cloud provider so as a company can focus on productivity and server maintaining is handled by the cloud computing provider.

  • Security - Cloud Computing provides many security policies,technologies , control which helps in protecting the data , apps , infrastructure from any data leaks.

Types of cloud computing models -

There are three types of cloud computing models -

  • Public Cloud - The public cloud is owned and operated by third party cloud service provider. which deliver computing resources like servers and storage over the internet.Some famous public cloud providers are - Amazon Web Service(AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

  • Private Cloud - The private cloud is owned by a single organization where they do not expose it to the public . The organization has the complete control over the cloud its managed by provider or its maintained on-site data center. it provides more security as its within the organization which is required to fulfill some business needs. Some providers of Private cloud are - IBM, Dell, Rackspace , etc

  • Hybrid Cloud - The Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of Public and Private cloud some of the services are maintained onsite while some services are extended to the public cloud as it states its a hybrid of public and private cloud . Some sensitive data is stored onsite while other services are flexible and scalable with the help of public cloud capabilities.

Cloud Services-

Cloud services are services delivered by the third party cloud provider over the internet. These services are delivered as-a-Service .There are mainly three types of cloud services Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS),Platform as a Service (PaaS),Software as a Service (SaaS).

Types of cloud services-

  • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) - This is the most basic form of Cloud Computing service .Its a service that aligns with traditional IT services so its easy to learn . The Services provides compute resources like virtual machines, storage, networking. Some example of services include EC2 instances on AWS or Virtual Machines on Azure.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - This removes the underlying layer of infrastructure and its gives a platform where you develop,run and manage the application without the need to manage the infrastructure as its managed by the cloud provider

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) -This delivers software applications over the internet, on a subscription basis. SaaS providers manage the infrastructure and platforms that run the applications. the example of this is Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 .

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